Jet It Takes Flight with a Boost from Salesforce

Jet It is an aviation company built by aviators. They combine a disruptive business model with the most innovative jet technology to deliver a private, fast, and smart travel solution. Thanks to their hybrid ownership model, and streamlined operational logistics, Jet It owners pay an average of three times less than those in competitors’ private travel programs. The company sees this as the natural evolution of transportation — more autonomy and efficiency in travel.

Three-hundred Percent Increase in Sales Year over Year

  • Co-Founder and CEO Glenn Gonzales got the idea for Jet It when he managed sales for the Northeast region at Honda Aircraft Company.
  • Glenn kept hearing the same complaint from customers, that they loved Honda Jets but couldn't justify the cost of buying a full plane. In 2016, he started planning to launch his own business, and Jet It — the first ever fractional ownership business of Honda Jets — took flight in 2018.
  • Jet It's business model was built around solving the market need of "matching" folks who didn't want their own private plane, but still wanted the benefits of private aviation.

Finding the Flexibility to Support a Highly Customized Industry

Jet It initially got their customer relationship management (CRM) journey off the ground by trying a few different free CRM solutions. They quickly ran up against critical limitations in each of those systems when it came to:

  • Sharing key business information company-wide.
  • Tailoring reports to fit their needs.
  • Customizing data fields specific to their business. 
Watch: Jet IT CEO Glenn Gonzales discusses adapting to the new normal

Reporting was a disaster,” Gonzales said. “If you don't have the right reporting tools or processes, it really hurts a leader and their ability to quickly make decisions.”

Glenn Gonzales | Founder & CEO, Jet It
Another technology need had also emerged. As a small, new company in the private aviation space, Jet It needed an email marketing tool that could help them make a big impression in their market. They needed it to integrate with their CRM, as well, supporting their industry’s atypically long sales cycle.

Jump Starting a Technology Transformation

Jet It, like others in the private aviation sector, works on a very long sales cycle. Deals regularly take anywhere from a month to five years to close (five years being the typical length of a traditional private aviation contract). When it came to evaluating new CRM and email marketing systems, the ability to stay continuously connected with qualified leads throughout the long process was at the top of the company’s list.
Watch: See how Jet It uses Sales Cloud and Pardot to stay top of mind and win deals.

Salesforce offered Jet It exactly what it needed, through a combination of Sales Cloud and Pardot, bolstered by the CRM Starter Pack offer:

  • Jump starting with CRM fast: Jet It leveraged the CRM Starter Pack to get up and running on Salesforce in no time. The Jump Start team handled the technical aspects of getting Jet It’s Salesforce install up and running, and also offered industry best practices to help the aviation company’s different teams use the system for collaboration. “The CSG and Jump Start team was kind, patient, and detailed,” Gonzales said.

We got a great deal and, more importantly, were able to migrate our data to Salesforce in a matter of weeks rather than months.”

Glenn Gonzales | Founder & CEO, Jet It
  • Tracking relationships confidently with Sales Cloud: Since adopting Salesforce, Jet It has realized a 300% increase in sales year over year. Campaign teams are able to stay top-of-mind with prospects using Pardot, and sales teams can visualize and manage pipeline with just a few clicks. “Now every sales rep knows exactly what to do at every stage of the deal,” Gonzales said.
  • Staying top of mind with Pardot: Jet It’s campaigns team uses Pardot to deliver multiple campaigns each week to stay connected to all of their very niche, targeted audiences. Being in such a high touch industry, the ability to deliver digital content has proven particularly critical during COVID. "We created a digital platform, so people could receive an email with a link to a video tour of the aircraft that they could experience from the comfort of their own home and then contact our sales executive to set up a meeting,” Gonzales said. Not only does Pardot make it easy to execute on campaigns, but it also gives Jet It’s team in-depth analytics and insights around campaign performance.
“Anytime you are working with multiple parts of the business, you have to have one singular method of collaboration and communication,” Dr. Akir Khan, VP of Strategy, said. “For us, Salesforce was that answer.”

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