Loop & Tie built a community of gifting with Salesforce.

Let’s take a look at some lessons your business can learn from Loop & Tie’s success.

Nothing shows gratitude and appreciation in the business world quite like an unexpected gift; except, perhaps, a truly individual unexpected gift. Austin, Texas-based Loop & Tie, the first ever carbon-regenerative gifting platform, built a business at the sweet spot where easy gifting for businesses intersects with the power of choice for prospects and customers.

Loop & Tie’s gifting platform prioritizes connecting big business gifting budgets with small businesses, emerging brands, and local makers through their thoughtfully curated collection of gifts, ranging from tech to wellness and beyond. From there, recipients have the freedom to choose a gift they actually want and need, either from Loop & Tie’s marketplace or custom collections built by the sender. Giving the gift of choice helps to eliminate gift waste — an important part of Loop & Tie’s sustainability mission.

From the start, Loop & Tie set out to create a community as well as a platform for business gifting. Founder and CEO Sara Rodell built a business that treats its suppliers and makers as partners, not vendors. Loop & Tie cultivates community through relationships and does things with a strong focus on social impact.


Loop & Tie has more than doubled its users since the start of 2020.

That focus on relationship building extends to Loop & Tie’s technology platform. Loop & Tie’s calling card may be how easy the company makes it to send gifts to virtually anyone, but its business appeal goes deeper. With a sales experience built entirely on Salesforce technologies, Loop & Tie is able to offer customers actionable data on their gifting, opening the door to sophisticated campaign-building. Let’s take a closer look at some lessons your business can learn from Loop & Tie’s success:

1. Empower sales teams and field every inquiry.

When word spread about Loop & Tie’s stylish alternative to the same old corporate swag, opportunity started knocking on the company’s door; and it hasn’t stopped.
WATCH: Sara Rodell, Founder and CEO of Loop & Tie, talks about building a business based on human relationships, not transactions. Sara also explains how Salesforce gives her sales teams the data and organization they need for daily work and long-range planning.

An amazing 90% of Loop & Tie’s business comes from inbound inquiries and sales. The company works with customer businesses of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, and with teams across almost every function at those companies. As business picked up and Loop & Tie started to grow, company leaders realized they needed a comprehensive strategy to get ahead of all of those incoming leads and not wind up buried beneath them.

Leadership knew technology could help. Loop & Tie needed a tool that empowered its sales teams and was designed to share results and sales impact every step of the way. Specifically, company leaders knew they lacked any formal way of segmenting customers into repeat clients vs. one-time buyers.

Sales Cloud helps this small but mighty sales team get ahead of their funnel. Sales and account managers — as well as the company C-suite — now use Salesforce day to day. Sales Cloud’s opportunity management and forecasting tools give sales managers and execs visibility into sales funnel and revenue projections. The sales team also uses Salesforce Inbox to stay on top of day-to-day business and customer interaction.

Is it working? The results speak for themselves. Loop & Tie has more than doubled their users since the start of 2020.

2. Evolve your business with technology and data.

A funny thing happens when your business technology makes it easy to see — and act on — customer data. You find ways to make a great thing even better.

Loop & Tie executives noticed that a high percentage of their client base worked in customer-facing roles. Many of these clients were using the platform to send a lot of one-off gifts to their own customers and prospects. They also saw that the majority of their users used a CRM — Salesforce, more often than not — on a day-to-day basis. Suddenly, an opportunity began to take shape.

The team realized it could leverage the Salesforce platform to streamline processes and integrate the gifting experience into its customers’ existing workflows. The company built a native app for the Salesforce AppExchange, enabling all Salesforce customers — including no- and low-code teams — to easily install and send Loop & Tie corporate gifts straight from their CRM. Even better, while Loop & Tie hired a development partner to build the app, it made sure it was built so its own in-house team of admins and developers who build their own product on Heroku could maintain, update, and manage it going forward.

Bringing the gifting experience to the Salesforce app allows Loop & Tie customers do some other cool things, as well:

  • Clients can set up automated gifting based on preset actions.
  • It can also integrate gifting with survey and scheduling tools. For instance, gift redemption can be triggered upon completion of a survey or when booking a sales meeting.
  • All these actions include data collection, enabling campaign management reporting tools to get granular data on the impact of giving efforts.

In other words, Loop & Tie’s platform enables gifting without the hassle at any scale, whether as a one-off way of showing appreciation or at campaign scale with full analytics.

3. Leverage technology to support your community

Despite having always been a partially remote company, having opportunities to be physically in the same space was an important part of keeping the Loop & Tie team on track. When the pandemic necessitated the dispersal of the entire team, Loop & Tie leaned on Salesforce to keep Sales Executives, Account Managers and business leadership on the same page.

As a platform designed to support small businesses and local economies, Loop & Tie knew how important it was that their own business continued to operate from a place of strength to bolster the makers and artisans who relied on their platform as a stable buyer, despite the difficult economy.

Using Salesforce’s built-in communications tools and establishing consistent reports and dashboards across team members created a truly holistic understanding of Loop & Tie’s sales and pipeline health, which opened doors to new opportunities to buy from and sustain the emerging brands the platform supports.

Now that the pandemic has loosened its hold, Loop & Tie’s partnership with Salesforce hasn’t waned: as the first and only carbon regenerative gifting platform, Loop & Tie looks to Salesforce as inspiration in how tech companies can have a widely positive impact on the world.


Our relationships with small vendors make Loop & Tie the platform it is; we pride ourselves on being part of a healthy and stable economy. With Salesforce, we have a better understanding of our own opportunities to support growing businesses.”

MK Getler | Chief Marketing Officer, Loop & Tie
Looking ahead, Loop & Tie sees the consumer buyer market as its next frontier to explore. There’s a cloud for that: Company leadership is exploring how Marketing Cloud can drive outbound marketing efforts.

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