Chapter 4: Make an immediate impact with agile and scalable solutions.

Build a single source of data to create engaging customer experiences.

COVID-19 has shifted the focus from legacy technology debt to innovation. It highlighted the frustration from business partners and the need for IT to accelerate investment in low-code and no-code apps. A leaner technology stack accelerates experimentation and delivers the modern, collaborative workplace manufacturers need. It starts with replatforming in the cloud and developing architectures with reusable, modular data sets and processes. The next layer is around business processes. Application programming interfaces (APIs) connect systems of record to enable an application network from a single platform. This is how Salesforce offers a complete strategy for an agile, fast, scalable solution with immediate impact.

Get started: Empower your business with a single source of truth.

While a 360-degree view is an incredible goal, the sheer volume of data can be overwhelming. That’s why a customer relationship management (CRM) platform naturally plays a critical role. It becomes a manufacturer’s single source of truth across the ecosystem with unified collaboration tools, omni-channel workflows, and process automation. That’s because it:

  • Consolidates the number of tools needed for your workforce and automates manual, time-consuming processes
  • Increases transparency into run-rate business with a consolidated view of terms of agreement
  • Makes customer data easily shareable
  • Provides real-time visibility into sales and service activity to better manage accounts
  • Delivers insights for the entire business with accurate forecasting, not just data
  • Powers real-time collaboration from a central platform for sales, operations, and product teams

In a recent Salesforce-commissioned study of 100 manufacturing leaders, Forrester Consulting found 80% recognize the significant value of a single source of truth in creating engaging customer experiences, but CRM systems are often underutilized by manufacturers.

Stay focused on building clear and easy-to-read data profiles that capture all sales and service-related interactions. Build an ever-deeper view of your partner or customer by segmenting them and identifying new opportunities. Empower as many employees as possible with the ability to access and engage the partner or customer from anywhere. And take action from new insights to better serve their needs.
Move From...
  • Operational-centric
  • Desktop tools and applications
  • Point-to-point integration
  • IT developer-led
  • Departmental projects
  • Departmental procurement
  • Static reporting


  • Customer-centric
  • Mobile-first capabilities
  • API-focused integration
  • Business analyst-led with low-code and no-code tools
  • Reusable processes and components
  • Limited set of enterprise platforms
  • Real-time insights

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Learn what metrics are the foundation of improved experiences:
  • Experiences
  • Data
  • Insights

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