Think You Know Everything About CRM for Medtech? Think Again

When you see CRM, think SoE, a System of Engagement that connects teams with a 360-degree view of customers.
Apr 30, 2021. 8 MIN READ

­­The medtech industry has consistently been on the cutting edge of healthcare, deploying robotics, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence (AI) to create life-saving devices. Now, more than ever, medtech companies are under pressure to find creative ways to connect and advise everyone they serve faster and more efficiently – and through multiple channels during the age of COVID-19.

The pandemic strengthened existing trends, such as the necessity for commercial teams to drive efficiency, prove device efficacy, and deliver a strong return on investment (ROI). Now they are confronting new demands to work with healthcare providers (HCPs) in a hybrid environment — part virtual, part face-to-face. Medtechs are also adopting new patient engagement models to support HCPs before, during, and after treatment. To meet the fast-changing needs and expectations, organizations need to be flexible. They also need a complete view of data, cross-team collaboration, and the right digital tools.

That’s where an integrated customer relationship management (CRM) platform comes into play. More than forecasting and managing customer contacts, a CRM platform securely connects all sources of data from existing systems to deliver a unified provider, patient, and partner experience on preferred channels. This allows medtech businesses to connect teams, integrate disparate data sources across legacy systems, and surface intelligent insights.

Let’s explore how a CRM helps medtech companies drive commercial excellence, streamline technology, deliver personalized experiences, provide value, and drive efficiency.

How does a CRM help medtech companies drive commercial excellence, streamline technology, deliver personalized experiences, and provide value? Complete the form below and learn how:

  • Integrated data foster unified and personalized provider and patient experiences
  • AI-driven insights support customer-centric interactions
  • A complete view of customers builds stronger commercial relationships
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