How to Get Patients in the Digital Front Door

Expanding the Patient Journey with Omni-Channel Healthcare

Jan 5, 2022. 6 MIN READ
Lauren Wallace
Editorial Lead, Salesforce
In the past, digital channels were a nice-to-have for healthcare providers. Patients had no other way to meet with doctors or receive medical care than to visit brick-and-mortar locations. The patient/provider relationship was transactional in nature — and the expectation was simple: Patients booked appointments, and providers offered in-person care. That's rapidly changing.
Now, consumers have come to expect digital-first options from every industry, including healthcare. In fact, 65% say that COVID-19 has elevated their expectations of companies’ digital capabilities.
It’s time for providers to expand the patient experience beyond the doctor's office and invest in the digital front door. By implementing a sound digital front door strategy, providers can create compelling, personalized omni-channel healthcare experiences that unite physical and digital channels, streamline access to care, and boost engagement to improve health outcomes.
Providers who bring value across the patient journey will increase patient satisfaction, lower the cost to serve, and come out on top in this new digital era of healthcare. Here’s how.

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