5 Ways to Turn Casual Fans Into Superfans Through Data

Personalizing the fan journey and providing value builds a lasting relationship.


Sept 15, 2022. 6 min read


Sports brands are no stranger to the quest of capturing fans’ attention. It’s an ever-evolving process, from a traditional in-game promotion like bobblehead night to more sophisticated, digital methods.

The push for innovation to reach fans today centers around developing a complete picture of them to curate hyperpersonalized experiences, maximize engagement, and build a lasting relationship.

Take, for example, someone new to a city. On a whim, they buy a ticket to check out the local baseball team. How do you turn that casual fan into a devoted superfan with a connection to the team that lasts a lifetime?

Creating a superfan is about passion and loyalty; that can benefit or it can backfire. Building loyalty hinges on personalizing the fan experiences, creating better connections, and adding more value. Here are five ways to turn a casual fan into a superfan — and keep them that way.


Ready to turn your fans into superfans?

See how creating a single view of the fan through data:

  • Creates hyperpersonalized experiences
  • Maximizes fan engagement
  • Builds a connection that lasts a lifetime

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