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DEC 14, 2021. 7 MIN READ
Like many wealth management firms looking to attract top talent and deliver enhanced client experiences, RBC Wealth Management was facing challenges with advisor workflow and piecing together data from disparate systems. Find out how RBC Wealth Management collaborated with Salesforce to provide advisors with a single, shared view of every client, streamline client onboarding, and gain smart and actionable insights into their data.


RBC Wealth Management advisors wanted a 360-degree view of each client to personalize every interaction

At the start of RBC Wealth Management’s journey, advisors had to pull client data from 26 separate systems to prepare for meetings with new clients. This mountain of disparate data was difficult to navigate. With Salesforce, RBC Wealth Management consolidated CRM systems and integrated data from other legacy systems into a unified platform purpose-built for wealth management, allowing advisors to provide trusted, personalized experiences for their clients.

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Find out how RBC Wealth Management reduced onboarding time for better client and employee experiences.

The client onboarding process for RBC Wealth Management advisors was inefficient. Opening a new account could take anywhere between three to seven days or more. By implementing low-code automation, extending it with custom functionality, and pairing it with a client-first digital experience, RBC Wealth Management was able to automate its case management workflows for a better client onboarding experience — reducing onboarding time to just 24 minutes on average.

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See how RBC Wealth Management used AI and analytics to uncover powerful insights.

Financial advisors at RBC Wealth Management needed a system that gathered and utilized their data in real-time to help deliver personalized and targeted client experiences. By adding analytics and AI to their CRM platform, RBC Wealth Management was able to attain a complete, 360-degree view of their clients. This new, enhanced digital intelligence delivered huge operational efficiencies. Advisors now spend far less time dealing with internal processes and more time helping existing clients grow their business.



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See the results that created better experiences and stronger relationships.

Using Salesforce Financial Services Cloud, Tableau, and Mulesoft with implementation partner Deloitte Digital, RBC Wealth Management gave their advisors a 360-degree view of clients, allowing them to build trust using insights and secure, encrypted data. They also gained the ability to create powerful, personalized marketing campaigns to build long lasting relationships. See the results:

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