Learn about the latest innovations with the Winter ’22 Release in a Box

Use this enablement kit to get ready for the Salesforce release!


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Amanda Lane
Product Marketing Manager, Salesforce
We incorporate the latest innovations into our products three times a year. The Winter ’22 Release brings hundreds of new products and features - that’s a lot of fresh ideas to keep you ahead of the game and maximize ROI. But how do you prepare your teams and become a release expert? By checking out the top innovations in the Release in a Box, of course!

What is Release in a Box?

The Release in a Box is an enablement kit to help you prepare and present a comprehensive preview of the Winter ’22 release to your leadership teams, stakeholders, and communities. Perfect for admins, developers, and business users alike, this deck includes the following:

  • A slide for each top innovation across the Customer 360
  • Screenshots for those visual learners
  • Demo videos walking through the benefits and functionality
  • Color coded legend signifying audience (admin, developer, or business user)
  • Licensing and availability information
  • Links to learn more!

What's new in Winter '22?

New in the Winter ’22 Release, supercharge your email, mobile, and journey analytics with marketer-friendly dashboarding tools to showcase your data in any way with Datorama Reports for Marketing Cloud — Advanced. Orchestrate end-to-end workflows and build branded, guided interactions deployed across channels without code with Digital Process Automation. And, deliver scalable experiences by extending the data and workflows you already have with Salesforce Functions.

Want to learn about customer-led innovation at Salesforce and see a few features in action? Check out salesforce.com/releases.

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