Chapter 2: Drive intelligent telco customer experience management

Use digital tools to enhance in-store shopping experiences.

In 2023, shoppers say they made 49% of their transactions in physical stores. With customers splitting their purchases near equally between physical and online spaces, connecting the dots is critical. To do this, CSPs should empower frontline and back-office employees to deliver excellent customer experiences with the right digital tools.
Shoppers say they made 49% of their transactions in physical stores.

"Connected Shoppers Report," Salesforce, August 2023.

Give employees the visibility they need

Provide instant visibility into customer preferences, devices, usage, and interaction history so that store associates can personalize recommendations and complete a sale. A CRM platform gives them a complete view of the customer’s profile and purchase history. From a single, agile, cloud-based IT platform, they can also:

  • Access service contract terms
  • Set service appointments
  • View inventory and move products between stores
  • Arrange for home delivery
  • Recommend related products — such as wireless headphones or a protective case

Empower managers with customizable mobile apps

Enable store managers to streamline processes and share critical news and updates with intuitive mobile apps. Managers can assign tasks to store associates and track them to completion. Real-time data and automated reporting ensure they make smarter decisions faster.

Cross-train associates on multiple functions

Help retail and customer service associates build their skill sets. Digital learning tools like myTrailhead teach customer service skills or upsell and cross-sell techniques, anytime, anywhere. No matter their function, emphasize the importance of customer service basics like communication style, listening skills, and empathy.

Evolve cross-channel compensation

While making purchases through digital channels is easy for many customers, others may need more assistance. Put a system in place that credits associates with the sale when they help a customer complete a digital transaction.

Chapter 3: Turn up the dial on digital with artificial intelligence (AI)

Streamline the shopping journey using intelligent, actionable insights.

See how to:

  • Use personalization to grow cart sizes and boost customer satisfaction
  • Improve customer service with self-service options
  • Accelerate time to market

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