Chapter 3: Turn up the dial on digital with artificial intelligence (AI)

Create intelligent and intuitive shopping experiences.

Customers want personalized experiences. In fact, 52% of customers expect offers to always be personalized. CSPs can apply AI to customer data to create opportunities to customize offers based on preferences, behaviors, and actions. It also gives teams across the company visibility into the experiences that affect customer loyalty — for example, when customers interact with support, sales, or billing.

52% of customers expect offers to always be personalized.

State of the Connected Customer,” Salesforce, October 2020.

Here’s how AI gives CSPs the insights they need to connect online and in-store experiences.

Make search-and-sort intelligent

Surface the most relevant site search results based on the customer profile. Create a customized sort result list based on customer behaviors and personal data.

Showcase the right products

Display the right products — and increase conversion rates — when shoppers engage with AI-driven recommendations. You can also use commerce insights to create product bundles and increase units per transaction.

Complete the set for shoppers

Deliver personalized product recommendations online and win with bigger cart sizes. For example, adding “complete the set” recommendations — like a protective case and wireless headphones on a mobile phone landing page — grows revenue and improves the customer experience.

Create opportunities for future engagements

Don’t let the final sale be the end of your relationship. Deploy targeted email and social media marketing assets post-purchase to build a connection and drive loyalty.

Bring new products and offers to market quickly

Launch tailored offers quickly based on customer buying preferences, existing services, and billing and usage patterns. Accelerate time to market and seamlessly manage orders with the modular digital BSS stack provided by Salesforce Communications Cloud. Create cross-selling opportunities by bundling products with service offerings such as wireless, broadband, and smartphone.

Say hello to digital disruption

CSPs already recognized that the consumer shopping journey was changing, but the impact of the pandemic accelerated plans to reimagine the physical and digital customer experience. CSPs need to build on their successes by becoming even more customer-centric. To do so, leading CSPs are going digital-first faster. They’re rising to meet evolving consumer expectations and disrupting the traditional buying journey by enabling omni-channel commerce, empowering store associates to serve customers better, and using AI to capitalize on actionable opportunities.

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