The Prosumer Relationship: Are Utilities Ready?

Driving efficient growth means utilities need to re-invent their customer relationships

March 18, 2021.
According to a 2021 report by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, utility customers want personalized offers that show an understanding of their energy habits and help them save money and reduce environmental impacts. With these new customer habits, it’s no surprise that 62 percent of utilities said that improving customer service is a top priority for the year ahead.

See what modern consumer engagement can do for your company.

This guide covers some of the ways you can help your company use existing technology to get the job done. Doing so creates a threefold benefit, including:

  • Simplifying relationship management, even as customer options become more complex
  • Cutting the cost and time necessary to deliver new programs
  • Increasing the speed and quality of everything you develop

Discover what modern customer engagement can do for your company.

In this guide, you'll:
  • Get stats on changing customer expectations
  • Understand the role of customer relationship management
  • Read a customer experience transformation story from Xcel Energy

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