Trust Is the Media Industry’s Most Valuable Currency

Build consumer trust in media companies by safeguarding subscriber data and offering more personalized experiences
January, 2022. 4.25 MIN READ

The sunset of the third-party cookie has put media companies in the role of guardians of customer data. For them to win an increasingly complicated war for attention, they must prove their trustworthiness to their customers and that they’re deserving of consent to leverage their data safely and effectively. As part of that agreement, customers expect unprecedented value in return: secure experiences that are curated and personalized just for them. But what does it take to earn that trust?

To find out, Salesforce surveyed over 11,000 consumers throughout 2021 and some fascinating insights around privacy and information-sharing emerged. Dive into these findings to learn how media companies can earn the trust it takes to obtain consumers’ information and deliver the personalized experiences they crave.


Build trusted, personalized experiences

Being up front and transparent can drive higher engagement and compel subscribers to share their information.
Consumers are inundated with choices from an array of platforms, and one of the best ways to stand out in a crowded market is to deliver personalized experiences. Fill out the form to learn more about how to obtain the first-party data you need to create those experiences by earning consumers’ trust in your platform.

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