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The way customers shop and businesses buy has changed. Research shows 69% of customers think businesses should offer new ways for shoppers to get existing products or services.*

Companies across industries know it's time to invest in their future. In fact, 56% of organizations expect the majority of their revenue to come from digital channels within the next three years — and 65% of B2B businesses plan to increase ecommerce investments over the next two years.**

Connect your ecommerce.

There’s no doubt that customer experiences need to connect better across every touchpoint. Today, 76% of customers expect consistent interactions across departments. Sharing data with every team means no more guesswork and better customer experiences. Marketing, sales, and service can all connect and contribute to the growth of ecommerce channels.

This connectivity should extend to business teams, too. In this work-from-anywhere world, tools like Slack make it easy for teams to collaborate to deliver compelling, connected customer experiences.

See how commerce data can improve customer experiences.


Focus on flexibility.

Global digital commerce revenue grew 14% year-over-year in 2020. Now is the time to make it easy for your customers to buy from you — whether it’s on social, with subscriptions, offering curbside pickup, or enabling quick B2B reorders with self-service. Making it easier to buy helps build loyalty with every transaction.

To make buying easy, your ecommerce should flex and scale with you as your needs change. Our clicks-to-code platform provides tools, templates, and resources to build drag-and-drop experiences in no time — or you can use full code and APIs to create headless or composable commerce experiences.

66% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs and expectations.*

Rethink intelligence.

Over half of customers (52%) expect offers to always be personalized — up from 49% in 2019.* Make every step of the customer journey relevant with AI. Use commerce data such as search behavior and preferences to deliver personalized experiences. Offer the right product recommendations, embed AI into search, and automate merchandising. Stand out by tailoring every interaction to every individual.

Speed forward.

Companies that don't sell online yet will have to make the move — and fast. In 2020, sites that quickly added online ordering options saw 127% year over year growth.*

Beyond opening a digital store, commerce teams will adopt new ways to let customers buy comfortably. That could include in-store pickup, curbside, or automatic reorders and even B2B self-service. Brands will produce and update content rapidly to keep up with changing circumstances.

GE Renewable Energy scaled B2B Commerce in 12 weeks.


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