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Speed Forward

Up Next: Sites Launch at Lightspeed

In 2020, sites that quickly added online ordering options saw 127% year over year growth.*

Companies that don’t sell online yet will have to make the move — and fast. Beyond opening a digital store, commerce teams will adopt new ways to let customers comfortably buy. That could include in-store pickup, curbside, or automatic reorders and even B2B self-service. Brands will produce and update content rapidly to keep up with changing circumstances. How can you and your team do all this? Read ahead to prepare and get there first.

GE Renewable Energy scaled B2B Commerce in 12 weeks.


Get Connected

Up Next: Commerce Brings It All Together

Today, 78% of customers expect consistent interactions across departments.*

There's no doubt that customer experiences need to connect better across every touchpoint. That seamless convenience should extend to business teams, too. Sharing data across every customer interaction means no more guesswork. Marketing, sales, and service will share and contribute to the growth of ecommerce channels. Out with silos and disparate solutions. In with data-driven, differentiated brand experiences.

Conversational commerce can help define your experience.


Focus on Flexibility

Up Next: Ecommerce Grows with You

In 2020, global digital commerce revenue grew 14% year-over-year.*

The good news: It’s getting easier to buy. From now on, ecommerce success will hinge on the ability to adjust quickly. When commerce extends to any channel and device, new revenue channels open. With the right solution, all that growth won't require switching platforms, even for global expansion.

A "clicks to code" commerce platform provides tools, templates, and resources to build drag-and-drop experiences. Or when you're ready, there's full code and APIs to customize headless commerce.


Rethink Intelligence

Up Next: Merchandising Reads Minds

68% of U.S. shoppers plan to keeping buying essentials online.*

Luckily, AI can fuel conversational commerce — a new way for buyers to engage with brands over apps and social. That saves everyone time and effort. Not only will AI get answers to customers faster, it will continue to increase productivity for merchandisers by automating common tasks. With a complete view of every customer, AI can individualize journeys and personalize recommendations, resulting in higher cart size.

68% of U.S. shoppers plan to keeping buying essentials online.
Global retail sales are over 30% digital. That number will surge during the holidays.

Invest in Trust

Up Next: Reliability Is Secured

Global Cyber Week sales grew 36% in 2020.*

Companies need to scale for ecommerce surges now — and rest easy later. When demand shifts, as it has and will again, an ecommerce site cannot crash. Online stores that expand to global efforts will find that security becomes a key concern. It's also a new opportunity to earn trust and loyalty from customers.


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