How teamwork helped Travel Republic transform its customer experience.

Learn how Travel Republic realized the full value of its digital investment.

In the highly competitive online travel booking sector, repeat business is the holy grail. To win customers’ repeat bookings, businesses must ensure that booking travel is a simple, customer-focused experience, with service to match. The need for seamless customer experiences has been particularly important since the emergence of COVID-19, which has heightened tensions around travel.

This is something leading online travel agency Travel Republic knows well. Since 2003, the U.K.-based business has helped millions of customers book flights, hotels, transfers, and experiences, allowing them to build their ideal holiday. Prior to the pandemic, around 35% of these were repeat customers.

To continue to achieve its growth goals, the business recognized that it needed a single shared view of its customers across all touchpoints. This would allow it to better understand its customers, achieve better customer segmentation, and create personalized customer interactions.

Having assessed a variety of solutions, Travel Republic Managing Director Antonio Fellino turned to Salesforce for help with implementing a unified technology solution that would allow the company to look after its customers better. To enable it to more quickly realize value from the project, the company drew on expert guidance and support provided by Salesforce’s specialist support team.

Here are four lessons from Travel Republic’s digital transformation journey that you can use to reach your goals faster.


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1. Choose partners who can help you deliver maximum value.

To ensure it was able to get the most value out of its technology investment quickly, Travel Republic’s project team drew on the expert advice and support included with the Salesforce Premier Success Plan.

This plan included Travel Republic’s access to Salesforce experts who worked closely with the team to prepare for the implementation phase and help the business achieve its long-term objectives.
Members of the project team were also able to access expert coaching sessions and training opportunities on topics relating to their technology and its rollout. These sessions allowed team members to build their expertise and understanding of how to use the solution, so they could hit the ground running.

“One of our challenges historically has been buying a product and then not really making the most of it,” said Fellino. “Salesforce helped us to get our act together by helping to coordinate and drive progress forward.”


“It’s been a really positive experience for us to have experts come in, build relationships with our team, get to understand our needs, and then work alongside us to unlock potential.”

Antonio Fellino

Managing Director

2. Create better customer experiences with a single view of customers.

When customer data was siloed in multiple systems, Travel Republic’s team members were unable to access a complete view of customers across the business’ touchpoints. This made it difficult for customer service agents to access the information they needed to solve customers’ problems.

Travel Republic’s team members worked closely with expert strategic and technical advisors, and customer data is now available on a single customer engagement platform. The company’s service agents now have a better understanding of the customer journey. This allows them to enter interactions fully briefed, access the information they need easily and quickly, and deliver better customer service.

In addition, Travel Republic united its service and marketing teams on a unified, scalable customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

“Our goal is to have a ‘single brain’ that allows us to understand all of our interactions with a customer — whether that’s on live chat, in a customer service call, or in an email,” explained Fellino. “That will then affect how we communicate with that customer downstream. So, if a customer has a live complaint with us, for example, we can ensure that we don’t keep advertising to them.


How Travel Republic is Unlocking Potential and Maximizing Value

In this video (2:16), learn how Travel Republic is working with its Salesforce advisors to deploy new capabilities with confidence, boost internal productivity, and improve the customer experience.

3. Deliver tailored customer journeys with marketing automation.

The customer experience has become an increasingly important differentiator for organizations of all kinds, but it’s particularly crucial in the volatile travel sector.

Travel Republic is using digital marketing automation to transform how it delivers customer experiences.

Marketing automation makes it easier to connect with consumers and deliver relevant, measurable, and optimized user experiences. This includes harnessing customer data — such as customer profiles, browsing and booking history, and user-generated reviews — to build personalized messaging journeys across customers’ preferred channels.

The company also plans to roll out additional features that will allow it to extract more value from its data, as well as segment and manage audience segments more effectively.

“Our customer success manager coordinated our SMEs and key stakeholders throughout the rollout,” said Fellino. “He really understood what we were trying to achieve as an organization, and provided the specialist support we needed to allow each of our product owners to move forward and achieve more with the solution.”

4. Take the pressure off in-house teams with 24/7 support.

Having laid a strong foundation for additional innovation, Travel Republic plans to continue working with its Salesforce advisors to help it deploy new capabilities with confidence, boost internal productivity, and improve the customer experience.

The company can also rely on ongoing support and backup from a team of Salesforce experts who provide personalized insights and technical guidance by cloud, industry, and customer needs.

This support includes access to 24x7 technical support to mitigate disruption and a team of developers to review and troubleshoot code to fix or avoid problems.

“Working with the Premier Success team has been a really positive collaboration for us,” said Fellino.


“Working with the Premier Success team has been a really positive collaboration for us.”

Antonio Fellino

Managing Director
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