UCM Digital Health meets rising virtual care needs by putting the patient experience first.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has required so many everyday, in-person activities to take an online-first approach. While telehealth is nothing new, the use of online healthcare services has grown to 38x higher than pre-pandemic use, according to data from McKinsey & Company.

The increased use of virtual healthcare has placed strains on telehealth service providers as they work to meet the increasing demand, while also providing a positive patient experience. For UCM Digital Health, a provider of virtual care for a range of patient needs, including emergent and urgent care, primary care, behavioral health, and care coordination services, this starts at the "digital front door" - the first digital touchpoint a patient has with the care providers. We help our patients and partners by giving them peace of mind and a unified patient experience. “By combining the right healthcare team that is immediately available with the right technology and ecosystem to help patients in all cases it unlocks the magic of truly solving patients problems,” said Keith Algozzine, Founder and CEO.


UCM Digital Health has achieved 95% patient satisfaction and 98% ER avoidance.


1. The need for a unified and connected platform

Telehealth services may start and end with a completely virtual experience. Other times, care is coordinated with in-person providers such as emergency care teams or other specialists. Although this experience can involve several offices, practitioners, and systems, the patient’s perspective doesn’t offer visibility into all of the moving parts.

Siloed data sources and systems stood in the way as UCM Digital Health sought to match the growing need for virtual care. Its technology included an existing telehealth platform, an electronic health record (EHR) system, virtual meeting software, and more, all working disparately and resulting in a disjointed patient experience.

The company needed to bring its data and systems together. Otherwise, it faced two major concerns. The first was the inability to scale to meet its desired pace of growth and support the increasing need for telehealth services. The second was a clunky care journey for patients, which could affect the wider accessibility of its services.


The patients just know that they need care. Where that care starts, how it is delivered, and where it ends — digital plays a role in every part of the patient experience to keep it connected.””

Keith Algozzine, Founder and CEO

2. A foundation for better collaboration and care

To improve the first step of digital care in the patient journey, UCM Digital Health built an end-to-end telehealth platform enabling its 24/7 emergency medicine team along with any other network partners to solve the patient’s problem in a pleasing experience. The platform leverages Salesforce Health Cloud, Shield, and Experience Cloud solutions to securely bring systems and data into a single platform, ultimately offering the right care to patients at the right time.

Through the platform, available via mobile app or online, patients can quickly reach physicians and manage their records and care, while providers have a 360-degree view of the patient to understand needs, to automate effective triage, and to provide prompt service.

The Salesforce Platform empowered UCM Digital Health to build a connected, patient-centered experience that improves the care process for both patients and providers. By removing unnecessary friction from care, patients can access virtual appointments and receive real-time service and education, while providers can focus on building better patient relationships. “Salesforce not only helps bring together the pieces that we had, but they built a foundation so that as we continue to enhance our platform and bring on new patients, payers, providers, and technologies into this ecosystem, it can still remain a unified experience,” said Keith Algozzine, Founder and CEO.


3. Deciding on the best path forward

When UCM Digital Health was deciding on the right solution, it initially saw two options. The first was to stretch its EHR system to the limit as the basis for the company’s platform since UCM Digital Health knew the system could handle data management responsibilities. However, the EHR system couldn’t solve patient engagement challenges, nor could it aggregate clinical data in a patient-friendly way.

The other option was to build its own omni-channel solution. As a digital health startup, UCM Digital Health knew it could build the technology it needed. However, the company realized that investing the time and resources into building its own omni-channel solution would take attention away from building the other unique features of its platform, which were of greater business priority.

That led UCM Digital Health to find an existing solution that could meet its technological needs now and in the future.


When considering the scale of Salesforce, plus its security, compliance, and the company’s decades of expertise in customer relationship management, it made sense for us to choose this solution and not build this piece out on our own.”

Keith Algozzine, Founder and CEO

4. Unlimited potential for client care

Bringing data and systems together in a single platform provides a huge benefit to patients and to care providers. Patients can reach physicians, view and update their health data, access records and reminders, and follow care plans set by their physicians through one app. Care providers can view all of a patient’s data in one place during a visit, make decisions for future care plans and referrals, and better prioritize care using automated triaging logic built into the platform.

UCM Digital Health makes this possible by integrating data and solutions such as health plan claims data, health information exchange data, Amazon Connect communication services, and clinical data into its new platform for better evidence-based care. “The sky is truly the limit. You can pull all your data together on one omni-channel platform. We’ve not seen any limitations of what you can pull into Salesforce from a digital health perspective,” said Keith Algozzine, Founder and CEO.

5. Meeting the needs of patients and providers

With UCM Digital Health’s integration of the Salesforce Platform, it’s able to scale its business and achieve a level of efficiency unseen before. The team can collaborate with its own emergency medicine team, other providers, care coordinators, and its partners health solutions all through one platform and in a way that’s frictionless from the patient perspective.

We’re shaving off frustrating time from manual processes and turning them into automated ones, which is pleasing to the patient and providing tremendous value to service providers.”

Keith Algozzine, Founder and CEO

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