The Gap in Financial Services and Customer Service Innovation

In a new Salesforce survey, 72% of senior financial services executives reported that their customers were mostly or extremely satisfied. Customers themselves tell a different story.
Let’s pull back the curtain on customer service — both overall and sector-specific — within the financial services industry.
of executives believe their service can be improved.
of executives believe their web experience can be improved.
of executives believe their self-service capabilities could be better.



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Personalization is key.

In the banking world, frequent, real-time, transactional engagement with people’s money makes personalization a necessity. See how your business can improve its service with a more personalized approach in our report.
25% of clients gave their bank an "average" rating for service.

“Banking financial executives should not settle for ‘mostly’ satisfied clients. If I say ‘mostly’ in a customer service survey, that implies something about my interaction still wasn’t good.”

Greg Blausey, Senior Director of Banking Industry Solutions and Strategy at Salesforce



Deliver consistency and proficiency.

From direct carriers to independent and third-party sources, the constant throughout the industry is the need for agents to effectively manage customers through consistent and proficient journeys. Discover how your business can stay ahead with insights from our report.


The proactive advisor wins.

The complexity of wealth management can make it challenging to keep customers happy at all times, but understanding the needs of different customers at different moments in their lives is essential. Learn how to ensure proper service in the right way, at the right time, in this report.
30% of advisors are using data to inform their customer interactions.