Get more B2B sales and happy customers with online ordering.

Create better buying experiences, streamline processes, and drive growth – fast.

The data is in: Digital commerce is a top investment priority for B2B companies.

Seventy-four percent of high-performing B2B organizations plan to invest in B2B commerce in the next two years.
Hybrid sales models offer digital commerce for routine orders and more traditional methods for complex purchases.
Buyers' adoption of digital commerce has taken off, and orders placed online increased by 44% between January and August 2020.

Now is the time to make buying easy.

See how Trailblazers across industries are using digital commerce to put their customers first.

Across industries, 79% of B2B leaders have found that their customers prefer to make repeat purchases online.* B2B Commerce gives your buyers the power to handle routine orders on their own terms, and frees up your sales team so they can spend more time on strategic accounts.
Manufacturers are launching customer portals where buyers can make purchases, access sales agreements, and self-serve.
Consumer goods companies are capturing retailer and shopper data with digital ordering. This helps them foster deeper relationships with retailers, helping retailers sell more, and unlock shopper data.
Healthcare and life science companies are offering buyers customized self-service portals where they can place orders and access information like order history, safety data sheets, product details, and more — all in one place.
Tech companies are managing the sales lifecycle online and attracting buyers by offering subscriptions and services.

Launch and adapt fast.

Start seeing ROI ASAP by planning out milestones, sharing the benefits of digital commerce with key partners, getting buy-in from stakeholders, and launching fast. Driving growth starts with these tips:

Plan for the long-term.

You have a clear vision for the challenges you want to solve. Focus on your top priorities first, then plan out phases for all other priorities. Ask your customers what they hope for, and use their insights to drive your transformation.

Align with cross-functional teams.

Share the benefits of digital commerce with your sales team — like truer insights and better bandwidth for sales reps. Bring in IT, sales, service, legal, and marketing teams early to learn their goals and make a plan to meet them.

Launch faster.

Show wins early by taking the minimum viable product (MVP) approach. Start seeing ROI sooner by launching a subset of features, products, or a single business unit or geography. Then use those insights to guide and adjust the full implementation.

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How to Launch a B2B Commerce Storefront Fast