Business Process Automation: Where Should You Start?

How to select the top processes to automate by function and industry

Time to read: 5 minutes
Ceverly Strand
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Automation

Your employees want to get things done, quickly and easily — and your customers appreciate it when they do. But too often, employees waste time filling out the same forms, repeating the same steps, or searching for what they need. The employee experience and the customer experience suffer.

This is where business process automation can help. Automating manual tasks boosts productivity, improves customer experiences, and reduces costs. When you streamline time-consuming and repetitive tasks, employees are more productive, happier at work, and better able to serve customers. It's a virtuous cycle. Data shows that prioritizing the employee experience improves the customer experience and impacts revenue.


of service decision makers say they’re accelerating automation initiatives.


of employees are more satisfied with their job and 84% are more satisfied with their company as a result of using automation in the workplace.


of technical leaders who have implemented automation see time savings equivalent to at least four hours per 40-hour week.

There are so many potential processes you can automate to make these improvements, but it may be difficult to know which ones to tackle first. To help you decide, we looked at where leading organizations are finding the most success with automation and picked out the top business processes by line of business and industry. Use this guide to decide where you can get started with automation.

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Chapter 1: Automation by Line of Business

Deciding which business process to automate can be daunting especially if the process spans different departments and teams. Learn which business processes to automate across:

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  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • HR
  • IT

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