Chapter 1: Access Next-Generation Client-Relationship Insights

Focus attention on building pipeline, strengthening relationships, and delivering outcomes.

September 28, 2021. 9 MIN READ

With Salesforce Corporate and Investment Banking for Financial Services Cloud, bankers need never again walk into a client meeting unprepared or miss an opportunity across portfolios. Rather, they can focus their energy and attention on building and managing their pipeline, strengthening relationships with prospects and clients, and delivering great outcomes.

Our intuitive, cloud-based platform can cross-pollinate ideas, tasks, and events across the entire deal lifecycle. This turns breakthrough insights into actionable, immediate intelligence that can give you an edge when it comes to pitching a new deal, conducting due diligence, getting compliance approval, or managing potential conflicts of interest.

Aggregate disparate data into a single view

The platform brings fragmented data from multiple teams and units together in one place. This single view unifies data across your internal and external data sources, enabling you to better understand and engage with prospects and clients on a deeper level. It acts as a single source of truth, consolidating all prior interactions and existing relationships within your organization. With the power of artificial intelligence, you can analyze historical data quickly to better target and personalize future interactions.

From evaluation and execution of potential mergers, acquisitions, capital raises, and divestiture opportunities, our platform provides unique insight into a company’s corporate trajectory. This allows you to efficiently identify opportunities where your team can help a company advance its strategic priorities.

  • Develop proactive client engagement, deal management, and risk monitoring
  • Gain real-time insights into win/loss analysis and pipeline optimization
  • Create 360-degree visibility of accounts, relationship mapping, and interaction history
  • Make smarter data-driven decisions from any device — anywhere, anytime
  • Build customized workflows and integrations through a flexible architecture

Drive richer, more relevant insights through 360-degree visibility

The Actionable Relationship Center identifies potential synergies and value-creation opportunities by providing greater visibility into key internal and external relationships. This helps bankers monitor inflection points along the client journey, so they can deliver hyper-personalized client experiences.

  • Manage clients all in one place with a comprehensive view of complex organizational structures and relationships, including subsidiaries of multinational organizations or portfolio companies for financial sponsors
  • View coverage teams and understand which bankers in your firm have relationships or are working with specific clients
  • Identify and collaborate with key influencers who can help accelerate deals
  • Gain insights into client financials with financial rollups across client subsidiaries
  • See all relationships with regulators and broker-dealers

Harness AI-powered intelligence

Unlock deal opportunities through Einstein Relationship Insights, an AI-powered research assistant. By finding connections across your internal CRM records, social media channels, company websites, public filings, and other external data sources, Einstein’s automated relationship-discovering capabilities can help you explore unanticipated touchpoints, fast-track new business, and optimize deal channels.

  • Find connections to initiate introductions to prospects using AI-powered, automated relationship discovery
  • Streamline research processes by minimizing labor-intensive searches
  • Cross-pollinate ideas, tasks, and events from internal and external systems to generate historic, point-in-time, and sector-specific, real-time insights

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Learn how to free up more time to focus on high-value activities by:

  • Keeping everyone on the same page — regardless of where they are
  • Creating a cloud-based “single-version of the truth” for all team members
  • Streamlining compliance and enhancing data security

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