Chapter 2: Connect Workflows to Align Teams and Maximize Productivity

Empower your banking team to quickly assess priorities across a portfolio of opportunities

September 28, 2021. 9 MIN READ
Our powerful, easy-to-use platform streamlines the entire deal lifecycle, from opportunity assessment through closing. This empowers your team to quickly assess priorities and next steps across a portfolio of opportunities — and prepare efficiently for pitches, client meetings, management presentations, and every step of the deal process.

Keep everyone on the same page — wherever they are

Make sure that everyone on the deal team is aligned with the most current, relevant information. Our platform makes it easier than ever to share ideas, assign tasks, and communicate status updates. This allows every member of the deal team to have easy access to a single source of truth at all times.

  • Rapidly access historical client data, previous pitches, and meeting notes all in one place — and from nearly any device
  • Capture meeting notes and impromptu conversations on the go
  • Get the context behind all prior client interactions with call report look-up, search, and filtering

Streamline compliance and enhance data security

The challenges bankers face in terms of sharing information have multiplied because of rapidly evolving regulatory requirements and threats to data security. Our platform is designed to efficiently navigate these requirements. By ensuring that sensitive client or deal data is only shared with authorized stakeholders, our platform helps to minimize disclosure risks and other threats that can derail a deal or incur legal or regulatory exposure. Our compliance framework is designed to ensure that all steps of the deal process and communications are fully secure, compliant, and aligned with current regulations.

  • Embed and manage compliance frameworks across the deal lifecycle
  • Share client and deal-related data based on predefined rules, permissions, and access levels set up by compliance
  • Assess conflicts of interest and all your enterprise’s touchpoints and engagements with prospects and clients

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See how digitally-engaged bankers are using data analytics to optimize their prospecting and delivery efforts by:

  • Accessing dashboards that aggregate and analyze company data
  • Focusing their energy on the best-fit prospects
  • Clearing the market by identifying the most compelling counterparties

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