Chapter 3: Turn Data into a True Competitive Advantage

Transform industry-specific data from internal sources and external providers into action.

September 28, 2021. 9 MIN READ

Transform industry-specific data from internal sources and multiple external providers into actionable insights. Bankers can access company valuation, revenue, salary, and other critical information from leading industry data providers all within Financial Services Cloud.

By providing analytics about industries, specific clients, and live transactions at your fingertips, our dashboards empower you to stay one step ahead of the competition. This helps you drive revenue by targeting the right prospects and achieve stellar outcomes for clients by analyzing the universe of counterparties.

Focus your energy on the right prospects

In today’s hypercompetitive environment, bankers cannot afford to spend energy pitching to prospects that aren’t a great fit. Our platform allows you to monitor where companies are in their development and identify clients that are ideally suited for your capabilities and focus areas.

  • Optimize your pipeline with intelligent analytics so bankers can target the right prospects
  • Proactively engage clients and stay top-of-mind with prospects by using predictive analytics to optimize client interactions

Identify compelling counterparties and investors

Clearing the market to maximize your client’s value can be a painstaking, labor-intensive process that involves significant assumptions based on incomplete data. Our platform is designed to make this process more efficient by providing highly relevant information at your fingertips about the universe of potential counterparties and investors.

  • Aggregate and analyze information about the roadmaps and bidding behavior of strategic buyers, financial sponsors, and other investors and counterparties
  • Identify the optimal counterparties based on historical behavior and predictive analytics
  • Inform upcoming outreach and negotiations by sharing notes about previous interactions with counterparties
  • Track strategic buyers’ growth and acquisition roadmaps
  • Monitor the progress of financial sponsors’ platform acquisitions and identify potential add-on acquisitions

Conclusion: Turbocharge Your Deal Team

To successfully navigate the new warp speed of dealmaking, forward-thinking bankers need to continue building on today’s digital momentum. The future will belong to teams that can use intelligent, contextual, and data-driven insights to empower and enhance how they build relationships and complete transactions. This requires rethinking how you work, how you manage internal and external relationships, and how you uncover and share insights that are critical to your team’s success.

Salesforce’s Financial Services Cloud for Corporate and Investment Banking is purpose-built to deliver the solutions bankers need to thrive in today’s digitally-driven dealmaking environment. As the digital transformation in investment banking progresses, Salesforce will continue to add new capabilities to the platform to ensure that it is tailored to the unique needs and evolving demands of corporate and investment bankers.


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  • Execute across the deal lifecycle

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