A Tale of Data-Driven Advertising

Explore a data-driven ad strategy in a refreshingly simpler form — a lemonade cart.


Meet our two rival lemonade carts. In this guide to data-driven digital advertising, see how each business succeeds — or doesn’t — with different digital ad strategies. Plus, get some resources to inform your own advertising strategy.

Let’s get started.


Get to know the customers

See how data helps build the right audience.

Both of these lemonade carts collect customer data. But only one owner is using it to help fully understand his customers. Explore the hot spots below to see how each one is managing data for customer identity.


Activate Data

See how data makes ads even sweeter.

Once they’ve collected and organized their data, the cart owners must put it to work in a way that sees the most returns and meets customer expectations.


Analyze Each Campaign

See what’s working for advertising campaigns — and what’s not.

Each lemonade cart uses different methods to measure advertising success across campaigns. See which one has an edge.

*Salesforce “State of the Connected Customer” report, third edition, 2019


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