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Inspire your digital transformation with how-to guides and films — like Simply Put, two seasons full of easy digital tips. But first, get started with insights from cutting-edge brands in our newest series, Connections with Sarah Franklin.

Twilio | Episode 1

Imposter Syndrome Doesn’t Stop at the Top

In our premiere episode, meet Sara Varni, CMO at Twilio, and hear about how she went from rural California to the skyscrapers of San Francisco. Also find out who Sara considers her hero.

e.l.f. Beauty | Episode 2

Anything is Possible

Kory Marchisotto grew up in a blue-collar family on the East Coast and became the first woman in her family to go to college and get a corporate job. Now as CMO at e.l.f. Beauty, she is known for bucking tradition and operating, as she likes to say, at “e.l.f. speed.”

IBM | Episode 3

How IBM Hopes to Win an Oscar by Modernizing Its Marketing

Meet Carla Piñeyro Sublett, CMO at IBM, where she hopes to modernize the company by bringing its extraordinary story to life — and win an Oscar along the way. Carla took an unconventional path to the C-suite, recently bringing her 20-year tech career to a halt in order to reconnect with family, the world, and work.

Laird Superfood/XPT | Episode 4

Surfer Laird Hamilton Makes Waves with Authentic Marketing

Big wave surfer, inventor, author, TV host, and fitness and nutrition expert Laird Hamilton is also Co-Founder of two companies: Laird Superfood and Extreme Performance Training (XPT). Laird’s love for high-intensity sports and his healthy lifestyle set the tone for his brand marketing, as well as the authentic way he connects with his audience.

e.l.f. Beauty | Episode 1

A Digital-First Makeover

Kick off the series with Ekta Chopra, Chief Digital Officer, and her tips for making the switch to a digital-first business.

e.l.f. Beauty | Episode 2

From Data to Action

See how you can turn customer insights into bold, business-driving decisions with e.l.f. Beauty's Chief Marketing Officer Kory Marchisotto.

e.l.f. Beauty | Episode 3

A Future-Proof Business

Get tips to build ecommerce that will stand the test of time with Molly Dufner, VP of Ecommerce and Customer Experience at e.l.f. Beauty.

e.l.f. Beauty | Episode 4

Innovating Around the Customer

Prepare to create your beloved brand identity and experience with customers in mind, thanks to Gayitri Budhraja, VP of Brand at e.l.f. Beauty.

JackRabbit Sports | Episode 1

The Sprint to Digital

Meet the JackRabbit team and hear Patrick Jacobs, Chief Digital Officer, recap the brand’s quick pivot to digital-first.

JackRabbit Sports | Episode 2

Data-Led Loyalty

Learn how VP of Marketing Michael Rardon activates data across the company to win customers for life.

JackRabbit Sports | Episode 3

Building a UX with Legs

Watch Zach Lonergan, VP of Ecommerce, advise on creating customer experiences that will set you up for the future.

JackRabbit Sports | Episode 4

Stretching Your Ecosystem

Join Destini Elise, UX Designer, for a deep dive into the partners and apps that give her team superpowers.


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