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IBM | Episode 3

How IBM Hopes to Win an Oscar by Modernizing Its Marketing

Carla Piñeyro Sublett wants to modernize IBM by bringing its extraordinary story to life — and win an Oscar along the way.

NBCUniversal | Episode 8

Imposter Syndrome Doesn’t Stop at the Top

As a woman in media, Linda Yaccarino turns vulnerability into strength. Hear how she brought NBCU into the streaming game.

Levi’s | Episode 6

Levi’s Jen Sey’s Journey from Gymnast to Marketing Genius

As a former gymnast, Jen Sey understands momentum. Hear how she pushes Levi’s to embrace progress and inclusion.

e.l.f. Beauty | Episode 2

Anything Is Possible

Kory Marchisotto helps e.l.f. Beauty disrupt the cosmetics industry and use its platform to push for social justice.

Elisa Steele | Episode 10

Elisa Steele's Trek from Sales Rep to Silicon Valley CMO and CEO

Elisa Steele gives tips on how to “live the brand” and compete in competitive markets by empathizing with customers.

Strava | Episode 7

Fitness App Strava Deserves a Marketing Gold Medal

From workout pals to Tour de France riders, hear how Mark Gainey helps Strava reach fitness enthusiasts around the globe.

NAACP | Episode 12

How the NAACP Is Fighting for Civil Rights in the Digital Age

Trovon Williams is leading a new, digital-first wave of advocacy at the NAACP with “bold, blunt, and brief” messaging.

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