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e.l.f. Beauty | Episode 1

A Digital-First Makeover

Kick off the series with Ekta Chopra, Chief Digital Officer, and her tips for making the switch to a digital-first business.

e.l.f. Beauty | Episode 2

From Data to Action

See how you can turn customer insights into bold, business-driving decisions with e.l.f. Beauty's Chief Marketing Officer Kory Marchisotto.

e.l.f. Beauty | Episode 3

A Future-Proof Business

Get tips to build ecommerce that will stand the test of time with Molly Dufner, VP of Ecommerce and Customer Experience at e.l.f. Beauty.

e.l.f. Beauty | Episode 4

Innovating Around the Customer

Prepare to create your beloved brand identity and experience with customers in mind, thanks to Gayitri Budhraja, VP of Brand at e.l.f. Beauty.

JackRabbit Sports | Episode 1

The Sprint to Digital

Meet the JackRabbit team and hear Patrick Jacobs, Chief Digital Officer, recap the brand’s quick pivot to digital-first.

JackRabbit Sports | Episode 2

Data-Led Loyalty

Learn how VP of Marketing Michael Rardon activates data across the company to win customers for life.

JackRabbit Sports | Episode 3

Building a UX with Legs

Watch Zach Lonergan, VP of Ecommerce, advise on creating customer experiences that will set you up for the future.

JackRabbit Sports | Episode 4

Stretching Your Ecosystem

Join Destini Elise, UX Designer, for a deep dive into the partners and apps that give her team superpowers.

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