Reimagine the employee experience.

Deliver an employee experience that makes it easy for teams to collaborate, be productive, and stay healthy.

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Employee Workflows

Make every day a breeze.

Good morning. It’s a new hire’s first day on the job. Thanks to your automated onboarding process, your company can welcome new hires with the right equipment, easy digital HR forms, and customized online training. Now this new team member can hit the ground (or keyboard) running.


Learn how to automate any employee process.


Employee help desk

Get everyone the support they need, fast.

It’s midmorning and an employee has a question about 401(k) contributions. Another employee needs new software. And a third employee wants to switch out their laptop. Easy peasy. They each use their phone or laptop to access the help desk. Then they follow an intuitive self-service journey to find their answer or log a ticket.


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Employee Engagement

Stay connected and engaged when working from anywhere.

After lunch, an employee takes time to check in with a company volunteer group they’ve joined. They access the group's resource hub where they can stay up to date on the latest initiatives, and connect in real time with other members.


Keep your team engaged no matter where they’re working.


Online Learning

Help your workforce skill up for the future.

Toward the end of the day, a team member has a free hour to focus on their career development. They choose a bite-sized gamified course on myTrailhead — a learning platform personalized for their company — and prepare to shine even brighter on their next project.


Help your employees lean in to learning.


Safety and wellness

Keep employees safe and healthy.

A team member is planning to work in the office tomorrow. They securely complete their wellness check and quickly get trained on the latest onsite safety protocols. Now, they’re ready for the office, and the office is ready for them, hand sanitizer and all.


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Digital Experience

See how Salesforce uses Salesforce technology to improve the employee experience.


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