Trends in Ethical Marketing

Marketers increasingly rely on emerging technologies like generative AI to push the boundaries of how they can connect with customers. But when it comes to powerful new tools like these, ethical risks are a major concern. There are already important strategies emerging to protect trust and maximize the value these new tools – and the tried and true ones we’re still using – can bring to the table.

The key? Prioritizing the people behind the process of marketing. Even as AI revolutionizes how businesses and consumers interact, lessons learned from ongoing trends can help them maximize value and avoid risky or exploitative practices.

We leaned on research, analysis and our experience within Salesforce to bring this new guide on ethical marketing with key takeaways, including:

  • Snapshot and statistics of where the marketing industry is today
  • Research of sentiment from consumers
  • Ways that businesses can balance risk and reward with ethical principles
  • Insights into Salesforce’s leadership approach on how to achieve trust, safety & privacy through ethical marketing products and practices

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  • How to make sense of marketing's role in AI and other new technologies
  • How to invest in emerging technologies while protecting your customer
  • How to apply ethical marketing practices to your business today

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