Snapshot: Trends in Small and Medium Healthcare and Life Sciences Businesses

The pandemic forced a rapid transformation of small and medium businesses (SMBs) in the healthcare and life sciences industry. From virtual care and clinical trials to digital-first sales and service, and new partnerships across sectors and beyond, these companies have shown remarkable resilience in the face of unprecedented change. In fact, data from a survey conducted by the Harris Poll in the fifth edition of our “Small and Medium Business Trends Report” shows that SMBs in the healthcare and life sciences industry are building digital bridges to connect systems in ways that improve outcomes and protect the vitality of their businesses.

We dove deep into the fifth edition report’s numbers and found that healthcare and life sciences SMBs are pushing forward by deepening trust with their customers, rapidly evolving their business operations to address the quickly changing world, and creating more personal experiences from anywhere.

Key insights

  • 73% say that government support has been important to their company’s survival during the pandemic.
  • 32% spent more on technology over the past year, as the world quickly became digital-first.
  • 88% have had customer interactions change since the COVID-19 era began.
  • 77% are planning to offer contactless services in the long term.

A look at how SMBs in the healthcare and life sciences industry are navigating the pandemic.

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