Chapter 5: Pick Your Patterns and Untether Your Devs

Do more in Salesforce without leaving a trusted environment.
Take the simplicity of the Heroku development experience and add tools that you know. Your devs can build how they want with the tools they want. Heroku means they’ve got full flexibility and processing power at their disposal within the trusted Salesforce environment.

Expand the Salesforce Platform with Heroku.

Heroku patterns decrease your launch time and introduce new technology to your customers. With the integration of Heroku, the Salesforce Platform has a new set of capabilities that lets you use the platform to do things that were not possible before.

Patterns make everything possible.

The Heroku patterns we’ve shared are just templates. Heroku use cases are endless, and the patterns can be combined to accomplish just about anything. Once you've got these Heroku patterns up and running in your workflow, you’re going to be able to lead your industry because it means that your development teams are untethered. They're going to go faster. They're going to test more quickly. They're going to increase their speed to market, and they're going to build the best, most modern, real-time customer-engaging connected experiences.

Take a straightforward path from idea to application.

Enable your developers to build, manage, and scale applications in any language. With the developer and data services of Heroku as part of the Salesforce Platform, you can create an incredible experience for customers and then use it anywhere and scale it to any demand.

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