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In today's digital-first world, data has become integral to marketing success. It gives direction to your strategy. Reveals insights into your customers. And helps you optimize the impact of everything you do. But making sense of your data isn't always easy. Here's a quick look at the state of marketing data today.


98% of marketers say it’s important to have a complete view of cross-channel marketing.*

Only 33% of marketers strongly agree they gain insights fast enough for impactful decision-making.*

Only 22% of marketers monitor cross-channel performance on a daily basis.*

*Salesforce, Marketing Intelligence Report, Third Edition



2,500+ marketers shared their data challenges and goals. See what they said in our Marketing Intelligence Report.

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By bringing all your data into a single view of marketing spend, performance, and impact, you can make every marketing dollar go further.

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Powerful AI and analytics tools help set every campaign up for continuous improvement, innovation, and growth.

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Leave uncertainty behind with data connected across all departments and channels. With your teams aligned and all your data at your fingertips, you can be confident in every decision.

Meet top brands leading with data.

Hear from Trailblazers who built analytics they could trust and reached new levels of success — and customer relationships.

Cummins Inc.

Cummins powers marketing success in real time.

Cummins strives to power a prosperous world thats "always on" — and the same goes for their marketing. Discover how they transformed their marketing by unifying their data for real-time reporting and analysis.
“Marketing Cloud Intelligence's impact has been very positive. From a marketing perspective, we love that we can provide real-time updates and analysis, and even filter and pivot data on the fly.”


Marriott Digital Services follows their insights without reservation.

Marriott believes hospitality is powered by people. But what drives their marketing? Learn how they equipped their marketers with the right data and analytics to optimize and improve digital marketing campaigns.
“Now that we’re using Marketing Cloud Intelligence, our delivery times have been significantly reduced...This is going to allow for more time to tackle additional dashboard builds and projects so that we can continue to provide more reporting to our existing clients.”

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