Paladina Health keeps employees safe and builds trust with Salesforce.


Employers across the country are in uncharted territory. With COVID-19 still rampant, there’s a delicate balance between maintaining business continuity and building trust with employees by keeping them safe.

Paladina Health knows this better than most as one of the nation’s largest direct primary care providers whose employer clients look to the company as a clinical partner in advising them on navigating the pandemic. As an innovator in the healthcare industry, Paladina Health used the Salesforce Customer 360 to devise a custom, repeatable system to monitor and assess employee safety. They are now teaching us how a complete picture of workforce wellbeing can help employers respond with efficiency, resiliency, and scale.

Let’s take a closer look at the four steps Paladina Health took to achieve a comprehensive strategy that’s helping its clients build trust among employees and create a more resilient future.


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Paladina Health’s custom-built solution features some capabilities that are now offered out of the box in, Salesforce’s all-new workplace solution for safeguarding employee health and trust.
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Step 1: Identify and protect high-risk members.

It was critical for Paladina Health to identify and protect members who were at a higher risk of contracting the virus. Paladina Health was able to manage this population with an innovative, three-pronged model that included:
  • A proprietary algorithm to identify at-risk patients like the elderly and those with underlying health conditions
  • Proactive outreach advising at-risk patients of safety precautions and the latest CDC guidelines
  • Clinical follow-up to ensure high-risk patients’ medications were reviewed and available

Step 2: Send wellness screening surveys.

In advising clients on their workplace and employee population safety, Paladina Health extended its operational and clinical workflow architecture with a custom app to:
  • Categorize employees as case statuses
  • Develop and trigger a new workflow logic to determine employee status and logical next steps
  • Set up new outreach work queues for medical assistants (MAs) and call center agents to contact employees
  • Provide guidance and schedule follow-up appointments
Using wellness screening surveys, Paladina Health can securely gather necessary data to assess employee populations’ suitability to return to work. The surveys were created by the company’s clinical leadership team in alignment with the current CDC recommendations. Because customer data and survey data are integrated, Paladina Health can quickly create the surveys and deploy them through email, text, or phone via an MA. The results then provide either instant approval for employees to return to work or further directions for “persons under investigation” (PUIs) to virtually consult with a Paladina provider if they exhibit symptoms.

Step 3: Engage employees across channels.

Employees are asked to conduct a daily self-assessment of their health to look for COVID-19 symptoms. To remind them, Paladina Health automates emails and text messages that prompt self-assessment and subsequent work approvals. These communications are also used to introduce and educate employees on the process and help them make appointments with Paladina Health providers if they need it.

Step 4: Chart and manage employee wellness from a single hub.

In uncertain times, seeing and understanding employee data is crucial. Paladina Health relies on enterprise data analytics for full visibility and better decision-making ability across its entire employee wellness program. The company’s homegrown solution collects secure employee-specific data from vendors, partners, and systems to build a comprehensive healthcare data warehouse that allows for:
  • Quick delivery of data visualization and insights
  • Live connections to native solutions like Snowflake and Amazon web cloud
  • Employee-specific data aggregation to manage staff at various stages of the return-to-work journey
Paladina Health is now in the process of deploying a next-generation health portal and mobile app. In less than two weeks, the company developed the solution, allowing clients’ employees to check provider availability, schedule appointments, and conduct video calls with providers — all from home.

Results: Speed, efficiency, and personalization.

Paladina Health has been able to keep 97% of its 122 nationwide clinics open during the pandemic. And with the right technology, Paladina Health’s customized employee/patient monitoring solution was able to quickly get off the ground, not only achieving impressive business results, but keeping more people and their companies safe.
“We take pride in navigating complex healthcare challenges on behalf of our clients,” said Sampath. “With flexible workflows, automation, and analytics capabilities, we can continue to support our customers as everyone adapts to the many challenges posed by the pandemic.” All-new solutions to meet new workplace challenges.

Get the purpose-built apps, expert advice, and training you need to build trust and stay resilient.
  • Build trust by safeguarding employee and customer health
  • Manage health-related interactions and workplace planning on a single platform
  • Boost healthcare and community responsiveness now and for future crises

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