Transform the Customer Experience

Create a seamless customer experience by breaking down silos and unifying your data.

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Chapter 2: How you can make a difference with your marketing now

Consumers are beginning to tune out templated messages that claim to “be here for you in these unprecedented times.” Marketing right now is about using your company’s powerful voice to help make a positive difference and create meaningful experiences for your customers and their communities.

This means delivering scalable, always-on brand interactions through digital channels. Since digital channels are the primary setting for engagement between consumers and brands, content on these channels needs to be personalized, predictive, and data-driven.


Use unified data to understand customers’ needs

The most important part of this is to listen to your customers, partners, and teams. Next year, retail marketers globally expect to use ten different customer data sources to power their marketing, which will be 43% more than in 2019. This presents both a major technological challenge as well as an organizational challenge to manage and use all that data effectively at scale. Use real-time data to understand your customers’ needs, and support them with the right message at the right time.

Remember, most of today’s retail journeys are digital ones. Once you have a unified CRM in place, build connected, personalized journeys with timely, relevant content, and real-time interactions based on your customers’ needs — including the ability to respond to a crisis.

Keep your marketing technology connected

In the 2020 Salesforce State of Marketing report, 72% of marketers said they’re aligned with their IT organizations, while IT leaders ranked insufficient business unit alignment as a top challenge. The truth is: Improving your customer experiences is all about connecting and integrating your technology. The best marketing is powered by seamless connections to commerce and service, and the right solution architecture can help you deliver the experience your customers expect.

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