Chapter 5: Start to Build and Innovate

Low code embraces innovation

Free up your teams to think about the experience they want to deliver rather than worry about how they’ll build it. Apps and workflows built primarily on native code often prove challenging to change or update over time. Yet, businesses need to pivot quickly without breaking much code. You can inspire your business and professional developers to innovate and create the experiences they need by providing them with a low-code platform.

“Low code made the development time much faster, because we don't have to have these handoffs between IT and users. But most importantly, it really helped us boost adoption because the customer success reps knew we could personalize the system in the way they wanted. It felt like they were co-creating it with us.”

Low code delivers lots of inspiration, but that only happens after you’ve chosen the right platform to fit your company’s needs. The ideal framework provides these key features:
  • Performance — a fast, responsive user experiences

  • Click to build apps and workflows (drag-and-drop tools)

  • Low code that extends to custom code 

  • Integration with your data and systems

  • Security, privacy, and governance controls
  • AI and low-code automation tools to streamline complex workflows quickly

  • Analytics

  • Support for common third-party development
A robust low-code platform delivers on the digital experiences your business needs to grow. For IT leaders, the result isn’t just increased efficiency, it’s the increased ability to build solutions that impact your business.

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