The World Remade by COVID-19

Planning Scenarios for Resilient Leaders
APRIL 13, 2020.
The World Remade by COVID-19 offers a view of how businesses and society may develop over the next three to five years as the world navigates the potential long-term implications of the global pandemic.

The collaborative dialogue hosted by Deloitte and Salesforce continues the companies’ tradition of providing foresight and insight that informs resilient leaders:

  Explore how trends we see during the pandemic could shape what the world may look like in the long-term
  Have productive conversations around the lasting implications and impacts of the crisis
  Identify decisions and actions that will improve resilience to the rapidly changing landscape
  Move beyond recovering from the crisis, and towards thriving in the long run
We are in uncharted waters, yet leaders must take decisive action to ensure their organizations are resilient. We’ve outlined four COVID-19 scenarios for society and business that illustrate different ways we could emerge from the crisis—and what’s required to thrive in a world remade.

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