Connected Healthcare: Moments That Matter for Payers

A guide to unifying member and provider experiences for better outcomes

Connecting the Dots in Member and Provider Journeys


The Shop and Enroll Moment

Members want a user-friendly experience as they shop for coverage that meets their needs, but outdated payer systems are complex and disjointed. Worse, manual processes are often time-consuming and complicated. The result? Everyone is frustrated and member trust is compromised.

Consolidate, streamline, and automate.

Give members confidence in coverage choices with operational efficiencies for intuitive shopping and enrollment. Start by building connected healthcare systems that intelligently integrate data across business lines and product types. Then you can automate eligibility, personalize recommendations, or create prebuilt workflows based on data-led insights. You’ll be ready for any type of shopper — individual, broker, or employer. With purpose-built solutions, your speed to market increases so you can create member satisfaction from the very first moment of their health journey.








The Manage Health Moment

High-risk populations are difficult to both identify and manage at scale. That makes it hard for payers to prioritize members who need extra support and to collaborate with providers so you can ensure these groups adhere to care plans. The result? Impaired outcomes and trust, especially for those facing barriers to care.

Identify, prioritize, and personalize.

A platform that unifies systems of record can help identify cohorts that need tailored programs and automate outreach at scale. This supports better health outcomes, reduces readmissions, and engages members for the long term. You’ll be able to draw insights from social determinants of health and proactively offer non therapeutic services — such as transportation — to make care more accessible. For ongoing support, an end-to-end platform connects healthcare payers, care teams, and patients all in one place. That foundation creates a lifetime of personalized, patient-centered support while meeting value-based initiatives for cost-effective, high-quality care.


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