Patient Engagement: Moments That Matter

A guide to creating patient-centric support services for
pharmaceutical companies.

Creating Engagement:
From Diagnosis Through Adherence


The Access to Therapy Moment

Patients often feel overwhelmed when they get a new diagnosis. How do they get started on treatment? Can they afford it? How does the pandemic affect their access to therapy? Who can provide guidance?

Onboard faster, engage, and scale.

Getting patients on therapy quickly is key to establishing engagement. That’s where a streamlined onboarding process comes in. Guided enrollment empowers service teams to provide critical resources, including insurance verification and copay coordination. An easy-to-use patient portal is equally critical in creating a 24/7 contact point with patients. This enables engagement on any device so they can get what they need — from targeted educational material to behavioral reminders — whenever they choose. With the Connect the Patient Experience solution you can scale patient service programs by specific therapies and reduce costs.

The Therapy Adherence Moment

COVID-19 has made it more difficult than ever for patients to stick to their treatment plans, often a challenge in normal times. Now is the time to partner with patients so they can get the best possible outcomes.

Analyze, identify, and check in.

Analytics are key to surfacing insights that can help pharmaceutical companies spot patients who are struggling to stay the therapeutic course. Predictive insights can help identify patients who are at risk of veering from the prescribed path or simply end treatment. With Connect the Patient Experience solution, you can proactively receive AI-driven recommendations for next best actions, like setting up reminders or creating learning journeys. Then you can help patients to course correct by providing highly personalized, compliant experiences.

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