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This summer (and fall, and winter, and spring), in theaters and every other connected screen imaginable, Salesforce is here to help media companies maximize their customer lifetime value. From new opportunities for media streamers, to new strategies for media sellers, we’ve got quite a show in store.


Subscriber Lifecycle Management

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In a world overcome with churn, only one hero can manage subscribers’ ever-growing expectations. (It’s you. You’re the hero.) But every hero needs a great sidekick. A sidekick that helps manage your entire subscriber lifecycle, while ensuring they stay highly engaged and loyal. A sidekick that already works with many subscription-based media companies across the world like Disney, Hulu, and Sky. A sidekick with all its tools in one place. Well guess what? We know the perfect fit.

Learn more about how we can help your media business:

  • Kick subscriber churn to the curb 
  • Take subscriber loyalty to the next level 
  • Rocket revenue to new heights

Explore how simple subscriber retention can be with our curated resources below.




White Paper


Advertising sales management

Now Playing: Impressive Impressions

Some would argue the best part of a movie is its previews. We’d agree. In fact, we’re such a big fan of previews, we set out to create a completely reimagined advertising solution that goes well beyond just the big screen and delivers on the wants and needs of modern media buyers everywhere. With a unified platform, your business can sell, plan, execute, and measure ad campaigns across any medium, resulting in streamlined sales operations and a maximum return on investment.

See how media companies can now:

  • Plan, execute, and analyze cross-platform campaigns
  • Sell campaigns and grow revenue smarter and faster
  • Maximize productivity while selling from anywhere

Explore how you can manage campaigns like never before.






Audience & Fan Engagement

Now Playing: Engaged To Personalized Engagement

Audience relationships are a lot like romantic comedies. There’s always love to be had. But without the big gesture, that love can often be lost. Thankfully, we’re big rom-com fans, and even bigger fans of your business. And while there may never be a physical ring, we do consider ourselves quite the engagement experts. In fact, we help you personalize media experiences and deliver relevant journeys that keep audiences more engaged and loyal than ever before.

Read more about how we’re partnering with leading media companies to:

  • Get a complete, 360-degree view of their audiences
  • Design and execute personalized media journeys
  • Engage audiences through preferred channels at the right moment

Discover how you can keep audiences and fans engaged at every stage of their lifecycle.






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