Digital Transformation Is About People, Not Just Technology

New research on how IT execs are putting people and culture first in digital transformation.

Ninety-six percent of global organizations have undertaken a digital transformation or are planning to in the coming months. Get the latest research on how and why IT leaders are putting people before technology and the challenges they’re facing during their transformation efforts.

How are IT leaders empowering their employees to drive digital transformation? Read the Digital Transformation and Employee Empowerment study to find out.


New research shows how technology makes transformation possible, but people make it happen. Some key takeaways:

  • A majority of companies are currently undergoing or have plans to go through a digital transformation
  • Most IT leaders see people and cultures as keys to digital transformation success
  • For digital transformation change to be successful, 97% of IT leaders believe it has to be driven by company leadership
  • Reskilling and upskilling is a top investment priority for nearly one-third of all IT leaders

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