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400 global industry leaders discuss the drive for productivity, AI-powered efficiency, and data effectiveness.

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Healthcare and life sciences organizations across the globe are looking to lower costs.

Healthcare insights show that balancing efficiencies while building consumer trust is top of mind for industry leaders.

Facing resource constraints, health leaders prioritize efficiency.

Over the next two years, leaders are focusing on finding new ways to lower costs through efficient and effective processes.


Complex operations remain a challenge for health workers.

For 55% of respondents, multistep processes and manual inputs regularly get in the way of productivity. Also, nearly half cite siloed information as a barrier to getting work done effectively.

Manual processes and siloed data hinder productivity.

While it is easier than ever to access and share information, workers find that organizational and technical challenges get in the way.


Organizations see integration as key to powering efficiency.

While organizations are averaging as many as 78 individual systems for normal operations, they see digital integration as the best way to increase efficiency, streamline workflows, and cut costs.


Driving efficiencies across systems are top integration outcomes.

With health organizations juggling an average of 46 different systems, integration has the potential to help organizations see dramatic improvements in their operations.


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