Healthcare Transformation through MedTech Solutions

Putting patients at the centre of a care ecosystem.

Over the last few years, the pace and impact of digital transformation has accelerated well beyond anyone’s predictions. It has enabled new collaboration across care ecosystems, including the opportunity for patients to take a more central role in shaping their own care journeys. The proliferation of smart glucose monitoring is just one example of how patients are embracing new technologies to help achieve a better quality of life.

Despite this, a recent survey of MedTech executives by the Association of British HealthTech Industries (ABHI) found that only half of organisations that responded currently have Patient Outreach and Smart Device strategies in place or under development. To ensure that MedTech companies are positioned to evolve with the ever-changing healthcare landscape, it is critical to have a strong vision and strategy to deliver in a nimble manner.

In this paper, IBM and Salesforce have come together with the ABHI to provide some practical steps, based on previous successes, to help MedTech companies seize the opportunity to deliver this transformation for their patients.


Accelerate your healthcare transformation

Read the whitepaper to discover:

  • Benefits of connected patient-centred healthcare
  • Why data is the key to transforming the patient experience
  • How to prepare for success

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