Make Cyber Week sparkle with real-time shopping data.

Make Cyber Week sparkle with real-time shopping data.

Power your retail planning with the latest Cyber Week shopping data from 1.5+ billion global shoppers.

Explore Cyber Week data:


Shopper Engagement

See the latest in email and mobile marketing trends and performance. Find out how much ecommerce site traffic retailers are experiencing from different channels and devices. And learn what kind of discounts shoppers are scoring, based on data from billions of page views.

Order Conversion

Dive into how much shoppers are spending online, the effect of inflation, and shoppers preferred payment methods based on insights from over 45 million orders powered by Commerce Cloud.


From buy online, pick up in-store to customer service to returns, see what happens after shoppers make holiday purchases.

Dashboards and data powered by

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See how 1.5+ billion shoppers are powering global trends.
Track special shopping moments
that spur spending all year long.
Keep your finger on the pulse of
everyday shopping behavior.

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