The Rise of RevOps Report from Forrester Consulting

New research reveals the secrets of high-performing revenue operations teams.

Today, 32% of survey respondents have a role where one person is responsible for revenue growth across every channel. Nearly triple that number — 89% — plan to have such a role within the next two years.

Ready to join the RevOps movement, and make revenue operations a reality for your business?

Start here, and learn how the fastest-growing businesses are making revenue operations work for them.


Don't just admire the greatest RevOps teams. Become one.

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Study the RevOps characteristics that lead to growth.

Discover the traits that divide high maturity and low maturity revenue operations teams, in a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Salesforce.
One customer view?
RevOps role filled?
Number of systems?
Teams are aligned?
Revenue growth?
6% over 5 years
8% over 5 years
10% over 5 years

This report shares how you can join the very best teams on the front edge. You'll learn how to:

  • Bring disconnected systems together.
  • Rally all your teams behind a single customer view.
  • Mine your revenue data for insights that help you grow.

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