Snapshot: Trends in Small and Medium Consumer Goods

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By now it’s clear the pandemic affected every industry in one way or another — and there’s no question consumer goods were hit especially hard. Supply chain disruptions caused worldwide issues, leaving businesses scrambling to reevaluate products, services, and revenue targets. Some sectors — cleaning supplies, anyone? — saw dramatic increases in sales, while others saw devastating drops in foot traffic and sales. Every business had to lean on flexibility and accelerate the move to digital.

Data from a survey conducted by the Harris Poll in the fifth edition of our “Small and Medium Business Trends Report” shows that growing businesses are building resilience in new ways. We dove deep into the fifth edition of the report’s numbers and found that growing businesses in the consumer goods space are pushing forward along several trends. Let’s take a look.

Key insights

  • The majority of small and medium consumer goods leaders surveyed agree that their businesses survived the pandemic because of digitization (78%).
  • 52% percent of consumer goods businesses have added a CRM system in the last two years.
  • 38% of leaders plan on a hybrid working model involving both in-person and remote work.
A look into how small and medium consumer goods navigated the pandemic.

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