Automation Trends and Best Practices from IDC

IDC surveyed over 1,600 cross-industry IT and business leaders across four geographies. Learn from their insights.

Accelerate Automation. Drive Efficiency and Cost Reduction.

What’s the ROI of automation initiatives, and how can you achieve time to value fast? What are the biggest obstacles to achieving automation success and how can you overcome them? Find answers to these questions and more in the new IDC report: Automation: Trends, Challenges and Best Practices.


of organizations say inflation accelerates automation investments



of organizations will dedicate a quarter of their IT budget on automation



average operational cost saved with automation

Learn how to implement sustainable automation initiatives. The IDC research reveals:

  • Five time-tested best practices to achieve enterprise automation success
  • The quantifiable benefits of automation initiatives
  • The driving force behind enterprise automation efforts
  • How economic conditions are accelerating investments in automation
  • The #1 obstacle to automation success and how to overcome it
  • And much more

Unleash the power of automation

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