Transform Discrete Manufacturing with Digital-First Field Service

The discrete manufacturing industry has entered the digital world. Is your field service ready? Read on to get expert insights on how to go digital-first with field service to quickly adapt to new business, meet customer needs, generate revenue, and more.


Exceed customer expectations.

The only way to meet today’s challenges is to create an agile workforce. That means getting the right tools and technology into the hands of our employees as fast as possible.”

Travis Hooper | VP, Technology & Engineering Mobile Technologies Inc. (MTI)

How Discrete Manufacturing Can Go Digital with Field Service

Going digital with field service management makes customer satisfaction easy for discrete manufacturing. Learn how to exceed customer expectations today.

Automation Helped My Company Create an Agile Field Service Workforce

Mobile Technologies Inc. accelerated a plan to digitize field service management that helped create an agile workforce and decrease manual scheduling by 79%.
Case Study

Mobile Technologies Digitally Transforms Field Service to Improve Speed of Service, Quality, and Value

Explore how Mobile Technologies tapped into digital tools to enhance employee and customer experiences and improve its bottom line.

Manufacturers thrive in a digital-first field.

Salesforce Field Service puts manufacturers in a position to win. Watch the demo to see how the right tools make the difference.

  • Deliver personalized support
  • Create work orders in the console
  • Dispatch the right technician based on their skill set
  • Complete your jobs seamlessly with the field service app

Discover how digital field service drives growth in discrete manufacturing


3 Ways Field Service Protects Revenue for Discrete Manufacturers

Build loyalty in the field and create customers for life with new business models that go beyond products.

Turn Field Service into a Selling Moment

Help your mobile team capture additional revenue with a new generation of digital field service tools.

Disruption Drives Digital Transformation

More than 55% of discrete manufacturers plan to focus more on contactless experiences in field service. Discover how to drive business growth today.

Read how digital-first field service improves customer outcomes


Field Service for Discrete Manufacturing

Help your discrete manufacturing business provide proactive service, increase productivity, and generate revenue.

Improving Customer Outcomes Through Asset-Centricity in Field Service

Discover how streamlined asset management can help you find new revenue and improve customer results in the field.

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