How I Work: A Series about Connecting with Your Health and Your Customers

Listen to leaders talk about the ways they are pivoting to adapt to the digital world.



How I Work is about the intersection of customer relationships and technology. During this time of distance, it’s important to connect with your customers and fans in a meaningful way. That means pivoting to adapt to the new normal. Listen to leaders share insights on how they are using technology to transform their relationship with their audience.

Community is the priority. No matter the industry, you can still foster real relationships with your customer base from anywhere. Listen to leaders, artists, and makers talk about the steps they took to adapt to the needs of their communities and evolve their customer relationships.


Cultivate a Balanced Life Through Fitness with Emma Lovewell

Healthy living and connecting with others is more important than ever. Thanks to technology, we can find new ways to create community. Learn about cultivating a well-balanced life through fitness.
Emma Lovewell
Senior Peloton Instructor, Founder of Live Learn Lovewell

Adapt to Your Community’s Needs in Real Time with Roy Choi

Times like these push purpose over profit. Adapting to the needs of your customer base in a changing world is essential. Learn about supporting the community and, in turn, letting your community support you.
Roy Choi
Chef, Producer, Entrepreneur

Connect to Your Fans from Anywhere with Lindsey Stirling

Deepening relationships with fans from a distance is about finding new, experimental ways to tell stories. Learn about embracing the challenges, creating with less, and bringing vulnerability to the table.
Lindsey Stirling
Violinist, Creative Storyteller

Create Meaningful Conversations in the Digital World with Priya Parker

Creating moments of connection now is a whole new challenge. It’s important to minimize distractions to find shared strength and empathy. Learn about impactful gatherings in the digital-only era.
Priya Parker
Group Facilitator, Author, Executive Producer, and Host of the Podcast “Together Apart”

Bring In-Person Experiences to Life Online with Judy Lee

Rethinking live events through the lens of technology. Bringing the spirit of in-person discourse and discovery requires out-of-the-box solutions. Learn how to create meaningful experiences on a screen.
Judy Lee
Global Head of Experiential Marketing at Pinterest

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