Building Resilience: COVID-19 Scenario Planning

Explore 1-3 year scenarios to help you plan your response journey
Explore scenario planning based on economic and societal behaviors, and how you can intentionally design the next normal with a three-track approach.
Simon Mulcahy
Chief Innovation Officer
Simon Mulcahy is responsible for building next gen solutions to transform industries and for growing Salesforce’s capabilities as trusted advisor to the C-suite.
Peter Schwartz
Chief Futurist
Peter Schwartz is a futurist, innovator, author, and cofounder of the Global Business Network (GBN), a firm specializing in future-think and scenario planning.
COVID-19 Data Hub
The World Remade by COVID-19 | Scenarios for Resilient Leaders
B-Well Together: Health and Wellbeing (Playlist)

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