Winter 2021 COVID-19 Scenarios to Inform Your Business Decisions

From vaccines to new virus strains, Chief Futures Officer Peter Schwartz and his team outline potential outcomes.
Join Salesforce's Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and Chief Futures Officer, Peter Schwartz, with his team, for a look at the latest factors impacting our ability to move out of multiple, pandemic-driven global crises. Featuring updated scenarios based on new virus strains, vaccines, global economic forces, and social trends, this video outlines what to monitor so you can anticipate shifts and accelerate growth—despite today's uncertainty.


00:00 -- Introduction and previous uncertainties that are now known

05:57 -- Potential impacts of vaccines and new virus strains

11:25 - Critical health uncertainties

17:33 - Critical economic uncertainties

20:23 - Potential accelerates and obstacles to watch

25:20 - Final thoughts from Peter Schwartz

Peter Schwartz
Salesforce SVP of Strategic Planning.
He is a futurist, innovator, author of "The Art of the Long View," and co-founder of the Global Business Network (GBN), the consultancy that popularized long-range scenario planning as a tool of corporate strategy.

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