CRM Insights for Growth: Drive Powerful Returns with Small Business Marketing Automation

Learn how marketing automation can help your small or midsize business generate better ROI.

Welcome to the future of marketing. First things first: Marketing is a game, and customers define the rules. And today's customers are demanding new ways to connect. The highest performing marketers out there right now understand this, and one of the keys to their success is marketing automation for small business.

In our new video series, CRM Insights for Growth: Drive Powerful Returns with Small Business Marketing Automation, you’ll quickly learn key tactics and steps you can take to step up your marketing game. We will uncover how marketing automation can help your small or midsize business build experiences that cut through the noise and generate better ROI.Stream all five episodes below.

Meet the hosts.

Mathew Sweezey
Director of Market Strategy at Salesforce
Julianne Tajuba
Senior Manager of Solution Engineering at Salesforce

Episode 1: 4 key concepts that define today’s customers.

Today’s customers have changed in four key ways: They value experiences, they’re digital-first, they expect hyper-personal content, and they make decisions carefully, armed with endless information. Small business marketing automation is driving powerful returns for businesses because it speaks to all four of these traits.

Learn more about the shift in customers from marketing expert Mat Sweezey:


Episode 2: Personalized marketing journeys guide buyers based on their own goals and desires.

Old ideas of marketing revolved around grand creative gestures. Today, however, motivation happens in a very different way. Jet It, a Salesforce customer in the private aviation space, realized a 300% increase in revenue YoY after creating personalized and contextual journeys based on understanding what really motivates their customers.

In this video, learn how you can use marketing automation for small business to build personalized journeys based on specific buyer personas.


Episode 3: Dynamic content lets you match the context of each moment on your customers’ buyers journey.

Of all the touchpoints and channels you have for reaching customers, websites and email are the two most important. Dynamic content tools let you tailor your messaging to each individual customer, every time they browse your site or open a new email from your company. Simply by making sure your content is relevant to where your buyers are in their journeys, you can increase click through by 100%, netting an increase in revenue by 15%.

In this video, learn how easy it is to create and launch dynamic content within a small business marketing automation tool.


Episode 4: Lead scoring aligns marketing and sales to enhance the customer experience.

Personalized journeys are game-changing when it comes to nurturing leads through your marketing funnel. But small businesses, in particular, just don’t have the bandwidth to talk to every last prospect. That’s where lead scoring comes in. Modern, behavioral-based lead scoring lets you know exactly when your prospects are ready to talk to sales, and what they want to talk about.

In this video, see how lead scoring drives true marketing and sales alignment and can lead to increased ROI.


Double down on sales and marketing alignment with Salesforce.

Episode 5: How to boost your marketing with automation.

Marketing automation can bring real changes to your small business by aligning sales and marketing and driving marketing impact. It’s important, however, to make sure your organization is ready before you start investing in small business marketing automation. How do you know when it’s time to take the next steps?

In this video, Mat recaps the previous episodes, and reviews the three key indicators that show your business is ready to get started with marketing automation.


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